News 08:07 July 2020:

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In the recent past, twitter developers decided to change the favorite button with the heart like button twitter like icon. With the introduction of the twitter likes, people have had different opinions on the same. Critiques have been all over twitter regarding the same depending on people’s different uses .in the past, the favorite button was used to either mean:

  • A like for a particular tweet
  • A good point has been made
  • Ending a conversation
  • A tweet is funny enough but not worth a retweet
  • Acknowledgement of communication delivered but not bothered to reply

The introduction of the heart icon doesn’t deliver the same to some users.  Bookmarking of some articles and negative tweets that don’t appeal to users cannot be liked. It alters the whole meaning. On a positive note, an expression on tweets made by the heart icon can build your account stronger.  One can now have automatic twitter likes easily that expresses satisfaction of your content to your followers. This slowly brings attraction that can cause drastic changes in your twitter profile.

Nobody would hate to see their account bursting with retweets, mentions and more twitter likes for their content. Why not choose to purchase automatic twitter likes that make the work easier?