A Great Strategy to help get more Periscope Followers

News 07:07 July 2020:

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Periscope is a new social media platform that allows you to live stream content to your niche audience anytime you want to. Sounds good? No wonder it is a hit at the moment. And the reason for this is the fact that people are no longer interested in listening to the lies and exaggerations of sales persons. People are now more interested in learning new things and interactive with you as a person. Periscope offers that platform.

If you want to gain a huge following on periscope, begin by naming your scope appropriately. Once you have a great title, notify your followers on twitter and other social networks. This way, more people will know of your intent to broadcast content on periscope and follow you. Something else you should be prepared to handle is viewer lag. Not everyone arrives for your broadcast on time, but everyone wants to get the main content all the same. So, balance your timing of the broadcast, and have more replays to ensure that people who didn’t get your content at the first broadcast gets the chance to view it again. Finally, always be interactive with your periscope followers by giving shout outs and replying to their comments.